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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Candy Buffet

Last November I had the pleasure of doing a Candy Buffet for a friend's wedding.  It was my first Candy Buffet, and it sure was a hit among all the guests!  This is a great addition to any wedding reception. It can be used as your wedding favor to guests as well.

Pictures taken by James Currie,

Monday, January 3, 2011

My First Blog! Happy 2011!

Welcome everyone to my first ever blog! 2010 Was a great year for Weddings by Karolina with 17 weddings done for 2010 bringing our grand total to 23 weddings, not bad for being in business for a year and a half! 
For 2011 we have 11 Weddings booked so far, and with that some great Venues!  Cantigny Park, The Armour House, Victoria in the Park, and Marcello's just to name a few.  I'm so excited for my 2011 Brides/Grooms. It will be a great year for Weddings!
Thanks for stopping by my website and reading my blog, check back for future blogs. Happy 2011!