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Friday, February 3, 2012

Time to check in on Allison and Jordan!

Allison and Jordan got hitched last February, remember them?

How could you forget this cute couple!

So what's going on with them, well A LOT!

After spending some time in San Diego for their Honeymoon, and driving up to Joshua Tree to Rock Climb and Hike! (how fun!) They came back and started house hunting immediately!

They found their  perfect dream home in Aurora. Allison's words are, "A tall, blue, American four square with the perfect vintage style in excellent condition".  :) They moved in June 11th.

Then right before Halloween they found out that Baby "K" is due in July!  They're not going to find out the gender, but they're new home came with a nursery already painted in pale green. How exciting!

Congratulations you two, and Happy almost 1 year Anniversary!

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